A recent survey showed the top-5 trends affecting food manufacturing.

Although a recent survey stated that food manufacturing is in good shape, changes are palpable.

From the ones happening on the plant floor to the ones that alter company structures, it is important to spot the ones that are going to reshape the way business is getting done.

As the present meets the future, these trends will re-define operations and advances in productivity, as they have become the industries’ most valuable insights.

These are the top-5 food manufacturing operation changes for the future:
  • Automation: Automation has been spotted as one of the biggest urgencies, as companies are turning to automation to perform more efficiently.

Increasing demand and on-the-rise labor costs are just some of the reasons why automation has become trend number 1 for the second year in a row.

  • Staff evolution: As automation is a growing demand, operations in the manufacturing process are imminently going to become more complex and experience.

The aging workforce currently is going to be replaces with a more demanding generation who has not been able to prove to be more qualified workers than those in duty today.

  • Equipment issues: The ever-changing technology has brought up the need to enhance company equipment and processing operations.

These needs force the industry to think of new ways to innovate and take advantage of all the tech-inclusions that are working their way up the business.

  • Sanitation: Food safety has become a big deal for the industry, as increasing attention to regulations has become a top priority for processors.

Minimizing risks and controlling procedures has taken a big part out of industries wallets, as new and improved preventative control points are a must.

  • Competition: As technology has been on the rise, so has the competition.

Companies have an enormous market from which they can enjoy, and this creates a constant competition between them.

The consumers ever-changing demand has also obligated markets to step up to see how they can beat their competition, and it´s now a trend that can´t  –and must not – be ignored.

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Image credit: Tom Brunt – Food Recruitment | Pulse | LinkedIn