OECD showed the average annual hours worked per worker in 2017 in selected countries, ranking Mexico at the top.

Much like attitudes towards labor have changed over time and place, the current culture around working hours change based on where in the world a worker is employed.

Average annual hours worked is defined as the total number of hours actually worked per year divided by the average number of people in employment per year.

Actual hours worked include regular work hours of full-time, part-time and part-year workers, paid and unpaid overtime, hours worked in additional jobs, and exclude time not worked because of public holidays, annual paid leave, own illness, injury and temporary disability, maternity leave, parental leave, schooling or training, slack work for technical or economic reasons, strike or labour dispute, bad weather, compensation leave and other reasons.

The global ranking (in selected countries)

According to OECD, in Mexico, the average worker works the most hours a year, putting in over 2,200 hours of labor, becoming the nation were workers put the most amount of hours into work.

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