The American Enterprise Institute released a “road map” to reopening the economy and gradually moving away from heavy physical distancing measures.

This report provides a road map for navigating through the current COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

In each phase, The American Enterprise Institute outlines the steps that the federal government, working with the states and public-health and health care partners, should take to inform the response. The specific milestones and markers included in the report for transitioning are judgments based on the current understanding of the American Enterprise Institute, with the goal of facilitating an effective path forward.

To gradually move away from a reliance on physical distancing as our primary tool for controlling future spread, the public policy think tank states that the country needs:

  1. Better data to identify areas of spread and the rate of exposure and immunity in the population;
  2. Improvements in state and local health care system capabilities, public-health infrastructure for early outbreak identification, case containment, and adequate medical supplies; and
  3. Therapeutic, prophylactic, and preventive treatments and better-informed medical interventions that give us the tools to protect the most vulnerable people and help rescue those who may become very sick.
  4. We need to move away from a decentralized system that promotes unequal implementation of preparedness measures across the nation and toward a more coordinated execution of response.

To download the full report click here.