Broadband speed kings

Broadband speed kings

The 2018 Worldwide Broadband Speed League unveils where broadband speed is best.

163 million broadband speed tests conducted across 200 countries reveal Singapore is the world’s fastest country for the second year running, according to the Worldwide broadband speed league 2018.

The country’s vibrant digital economy and diminutive landmass offer significant advantages when it comes to infrastructural development and FTTP (pure fibre) availability, giving it the highest average internet connection speed in 2018.

Sweden, who has decided to focus on FTTP (pure fibre), has given around 60% of Swedish homes and businesses access to speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). This is why it follows Singapore.

In Denmark, ranked 3rd on the index, FTTP (pure fibre) connections are available to more than half of Danish homes and businesses, providing extremely fast speeds and excellent future-proofing.

At #4 is Norway, who has also decided to focus on FTTP, giving 40% of its population the access to pure fiber.

Romania ranks 5th in the world by broadband internet speed in 2018 with an average of 38.6 Mbps measured in the last 12 months.

The five fastest countries have download speeds around 88 times faster than the five slowest.

The countries in the world with the slowest broadband internet speed are Yemen (0.31 Mbps), East Timor (0.49 Mbps) and Turkmenistan (0.56 Mbps).

1 Singapore Asia & Pacific 60.39
2 Sweden Europe 46.00
3 Denmark Europe 43.99
4 Norway Europe 40.12
5 Romania Europe 38.60
6 Belgium Europe 36.71
7 Netherlands Europe 35.95
8 Luxembourg Europe 35.14
9 Hungary Europe 34.01
10 Jersey Europe 30.90
11 Switzerland Europe 29.92
12 Japan Asia & Pacific 28.94
13 Latvia Europe 28.63
14 Taiwan Asia & Pacific 28.09
15 Estonia Europe 27.91
16 Spain Europe 27.19
17 Republic of Lithuania Europe 27.17
18 Andorra Europe 27.14
19 Hong Kong Asia & Pacific 26.45
20 United States North America 25.86
21 Slovakia Europe 25.30
22 Madagascar Africa 24.87
23 France Europe 24.23
24 Finland Europe 24.00
25 Germany Europe 24.00
26 New Zealand Asia & Pacific 23.77
27 Czechia Europe 23.71
28 Slovenia Europe 21.41
29 Portugal Europe 21.28
30 Republic of Korea Asia & Pacific 20.63
31 Bulgaria Europe 20.20
32 Poland Europe 19.73
33 Canada North America 19.48
34 Iceland Europe 18.85
35 United Kingdom Europe 18.57
36 Ireland Europe 18.22
37 Liechtenstein Europe 17.71
38 Austria Europe 17.51
39 Barbados South/Latin America 17.08
40 Thailand Asia & Pacific 17.06
Africa Asia and Pacific
Africa is a long way behind the rest of the world when it comes to broadband provision. Madagascar is the fastest African nation, clocking in at an average speed of 24.87Mbps, placing it 22nd globally. 7 out of the 38 included nations having to get by on average speeds of less than 1Mbps. This region is a mixed bag, offering some of the fastest countries in the world – Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand – and at the same time some of the slowest: Vanuatu, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and East Timor. The region is vast and comprises 41 countries measured in this study. Singapore is number one in the world with an average speed of 60.39Mbps.
Europe North America
Europe has the world’s highest concentration of countries with fast or very fast broadband. Europe makes up a staggering 36 of the top 50 fastest countries. Sweden is Europe’s fastest country, offering an average speed of 46.00Mbps. Armenia is Europe’s slowest, with an average speed just 3.94Mbps. The United States has the fastest broadband in the North American region – no surprises there – with an average speed of 25.86Mbps. Bermuda is the slowest with an average speed of 19.48Mbps.
Arab States Latin America
None of the countries in the Arab States region offer average speeds significantly above 5Mbps. Only Bahrain comes in above that threshold at 5.05Mbps, with UAE and Jordan following closely behind. Generally the South/Latin America region is at the slower end of the regional scale. Barbados is this region’s fastest country, with an average speed of 17.08Mbps, with Venezuela at the bottom of the regional table with average speeds of just 1.24Mbps.

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