From mobile to the table

From mobile to the table

Mobile is quickly becoming a hot commerce channel for the food industry: Research from App Annie.

Some people have started noticing: shops are relatively empty, but sales are also better than ever.

Hungry customers are taking advantage of the different tech innovations to still eat restaurant food– just not at physical restaurants, driving ordered meals on mobile 130% more in 2018 than in 2016, and global downloads of the top five delivery apps grew 115% during the same period, according to research from App Annie.

Plus, the NPD Group, one of the largest market research companies in the world, predicted that restaurant digital orders will triple in volume by the end of 2020, with mobile leading the way.

A peak for apps

This consumer behaviour shift has also meant a win for others, in this case, apps.

The number of food delivery app downloads is up 380% compared with three years ago, according to market-data firm App Annie.

An eMarketer retail forecast predicts that for 2019, 82.6% of the US population will be mobile phone users, and 229.5 million people will use smartphone apps.

This uptick is driven in part by the eager quick service restaurants (QSRs) who are more than ready to get in on the action.

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