Bored at work? Staying focused at work in a tech-driven world isn’t easy, but gamification can help you start getting things done while playing.

Staying focused at work in a tech-driven world isn’t that easy.

It’s easy to feel uninspired or bored at some point during the day, and technology sometimes can have a very distracting effect.

Gamification is a training on game based learning.

Have you ever thought about playing games to improve your productivity?

“Gamification of work” can help you achieve more than you usually would by turning regular tasks into games.

Enterprise gamification has a significant role to play in engaging employees and driving behavioral change to accelerate business. 

It’s already been proven to be effective in increasing workplace productivity, making employees’ lives easier and the workday more exciting.

The idea is simple: if you turn your life into a game, with digital rewards for real life achievements, you’ll be more motivated to do something.

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