As sophisticated technology boosts, we can see the Big Data revolution is not just impacting the way companies, it’s helping us lead healthier, more informed lives.

Increasingly sophisticated wearable technology is also helping people better handle their physical activities and lead healthier, more informed lives.

The Huawei Fit Band serves as a smart fitness assistant, it helps monitor heart activity and tracker.

Mauricio Maille is a 52-year-old amateur cyclist. He enrolled in the Giro de Italia Stage Mexico and pedaled 90 miles (140 km) with many slopes. He completed the trip in just over five hours and ended up exhausted, in fact just over half of the route sent a video where he confesses surrendering with still 37.5 miles (60 km) left. The competitors of the Tour de France run every day an average 140 miles (200 km) and only rest two days out of 21 which lasts the strongest test that any cyclist can roll. At the end of the competition, the sport’s bracelet worn by Mauricio recommended a six-day break.

British Renaissance philosopher Francis Bacon said it first hundreds of years ago. Knowledge is power.

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