Musk looking into connecting our brains to the Internet

Musk looking into connecting our brains to the Internet

Electric car revolution? Check. Space travel? Check. High-speed mass transport system? Coming soon. Know Musk’s new bet.

Billionaire investor Elon Musk has achieved success with his luxury electric car company Tesla, while revolutionizing the space travel business with SpaceX’s reusable rockets and looking at mass transportation solutions both above ground with Hyperloop and below, with his most recent “The Boring Company” looking at urban automated tunnels.

But the South African-born serial entrepreneur’s mind does not stay still –he’s even inspired the hilarious @boredelonmusk Twitter account, discussing supposed inventions in his downtime- and his late foray into high-tech business seems straight out of science fiction.

Neuralink, the company where according to several reports he is pouring money more recently, is looking into manufacturing high-speed interfaces that will allow humans’ brains to interact directly with computers.

Their –very spartan- website reads: “Neuralink is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers,” followed by a list of recruiting posts, mostly in science and engineering.

Bloomberg reported in August that the San Francisco-based company “has already gotten US$27 million in funding, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Musk has warned in the past about the dangers of uncontrolled Artificial Intelligence (AI) development.


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