A 40-year old Indian movie production house is challenging the world’s largest video streaming platforms.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are being threatened by no less than and Indian competitor who is offering more local content than the two US-based players combined.

This on-demand platform of Mumbai-based Eros International has already amassed a library of over 11,000 film titles, the biggest such share of OTT (over-the-top) movie content in the world.

Furthermore, this year Eros Now will spend at least $50 million on producing original material, from feature films to episodic content to short-film material, CEO Rishika Lulla Singh told Quartz in an interview in May.

The company already has 100 million subscribers. Of these, eight million are paid users, which the company claims will increase to 16 million by the end of March 2019.

Technology, in the DNA of Eros

The company’s chief operating officer (COO) Ali Hussein, said to Quartz India in an interview, that since the Eros Now launching in 2012, he knew that they had found the way forward and what it takes to make their project a success.

“Technology is in the DNA of Eros since the very beginning, we pioneered the basic things that seem antiquated today (video, VHS) and learned to be better. We work very closely with our team to make sure that our content is catering to everyone, despite that digital consumers have an insatiable appetite.”