Not so “dumb” phones

Not so “dumb” phones

Companies are starting to offer simpler devices aimed at those looking for less distractions.

Mobile telephones have advanced quite a lot since their unwieldy, brick-like 1980’s origins, which nonetheless helped their first users connect with clients on the move and brought about a paradigm change in the way the world does business. Back then, you could make calls from your car with those, and barely anything else.

The average person in the U.S. checks their cellphone 110 times a day. Image credit: Huffington Post.

But as technology advanced in the last decades and more and more services became available, text messaging gave way to email and web browsing and from there to pictures and video to the App revolution on your current smartphone, allowing you to interact with the world, your friends and your business associates in many productive ways from practically any location at almost every moment.

But that same revolution also allows for a lot of procrastination and overuse, as social media apps take more and more of our time and interactions with the twittersphere, Instagram, Facebook and the zillion other virtual spaces that have become a part of our daily routine.

Some studies seem to indicate that dependence on cellphones has reached the level of an addiction.

U.S. business services firm Dun & Bradstreet’s Vice Chairman Jeff Stibel said in a recent article for USA Today that “various surveys find people more willing to give up food, sleep and sex than to lose their Internet connections.

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