Here’s how Data is revolutionizing the way we see and understand sports.

Sports teams can leverage data to expand business | Image: LinkedIn

From improving player performance to guaranteeing the best acquisition for next season, Data has it´s say in every discipline.

Measuring and analyzing results is the best way possible to make accurate future predictions and develop effective strategies.

And for sports, analytic platforms are reviling opportunities for teams, coaches and players both on and off the pitch.

Here are some reasons for Big Data becoming the next gold-pot for sports investors:

Meaningful information = winning strategies

A series of companies have already invested on a variety of leagues across the world.

This has helped team gather valuable information which can be translated into game-changing insights as play-by-play information and video analysis is put right in front of coaches the next day of the game.

These benefits have saved in cost and time as they allow teams to work faster and smarter with advanced tech and information at hand.

Data: A new way to sell

“Sport is essentially content, and where there is content to be consumed, there are advertising and sponsorships opportunities to be reaped”: Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The conclusion that marked the end of the 2016 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is true and Data has it´s say on it.

Selling a franchise or promoting a product was also looking at a notable change.

ESPN lost 3.2 million television subscribers in 2015, however, Super Bowl 49 was the most-watched show in TV history with over 114 million watchers.

So, in the end it is not a matter of a decline in sports fans, although the way companies sell sports content do change the way corporations look at the game.

Engaging with fans

Data allows fans rare match insight.

Technological revolutions could obviously not forget about the fans, and it has not.

Digital purchases, wandering on mobile devices and smart tech can let the club owners know what fans like to eat, drink and buy at their local stadium

This enhances the way merchandise, sports, and fans interact during a day out on the sports ground.

Among many other tech revolutions in sports, social media sites and third-party vendors can allow access to information regarding what fans like to engage with.

All serving as great selling tools for sports corporate giants.

Knowledge of one-self is power

Big sports brands have innovated by creating gadgets that not only allow better performance, but help you be aware of the just right amount of exercise your body can endure.

Health and self-consciousness can come from tech advances in sports.

Big Data and the technological revolution are changing lives, not just company logistics.