The shifting trends of 2019

The shifting trends of 2019

Euromonitor International reviews emerging fast-moving trends that are set to cause disruption for business globally.

If there is a common thread linking 2019’s global consumer trends, it’s intelligence.

How we live is so centrally dependent on the choices available that the biggest issue we face is how to make sense of it all. Simplifying your options, having smooth purchasing experiences, being mindful, and ultimately opting out altogether are all intrinsic.


These are the 10 trends:

1) Age agnostic

The boundaries of old age are shifting as people live longer and take better care of their health, appearance, and well-being. Age Agnostics no longer have a passive attitude towards aging, and this is especially true in wealthier developed countries with decent healthcare systems and social conditions. Example: Coboc Germany

Electric bikes are very practical, desirable and frequently beautifully designed products that appeal to all ages. Leading brand Coboc, for example, designs e-bikes that are remarkably lightweight with easy and intuitive handling. The psychological benefits for an aging population are also huge as it makes it easier for people to go out and socialize. According to a leading UK outdoor retailer, Halfords, 62% of e-bikes in the UK are sold to people over the age of 55. Older cyclists are also well-informed on bicycle maintenance, such as repairing punctures and fixing mudguards, a survey by the retailer found.

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