What´s to learn from Tech Inclusion New York

What´s to learn from Tech Inclusion New York

The New York meeting served as a way of exploring tech inclusion and diversity.

Tech Inclusion is an annual meeting where the possibilities tech evolution are commented and debated.

For 2017, where it took place in New York between August 9th and 10, matters such as ageism in tech and diversity in business were some of the vital topics that were commented.

Speakers from CNN, Viacom, Black Girls Code, Hustle, GIPHY and many others spoke about the ways tech and media have driven our culture and collective future, and how we are still not just there yet.

The conference served as the best way to call out the urgency of being inclusive in technology or die trying, as technology must not discard no one without mattering age or knowledge.


Serving as a consulting center were research is exposed for the public eye, speakers at the many conferences repeated the importance of creating more diverse and accessible companies.

Opportunity gaps have risen more than ever in the U.S. and many parts of the world, and not acting towards bridging the empty space can result harder in the future.

As these gaps can be seen anywhere, Tech Inclusion united a vast amount of panelists that resumed the different ways innovation has lacked on ensuring inclusion for everyone.

To take this on, both social and business matters were discussed in the event, where ideas and projects were shared to start shaping a new cultural ideal towards tech evolution for everyone.

Diversity, accessibility and inclusive companies can be achieved, nevertheless, such transformation begins with one-self, so it´s time to see what you want in an organization, and if you are not seeing it, start asking questions.


“Diversity without inclusion doesn’t mean anything”, Sharon Cohen.

“If you want to be inclusive (comma) be explicit (period)”, Natalia Oberti Noguera.

“Awareness itself does not create justice”, Shaun King.

“We need more leaders to ‘show themselves'” so we have role models for junior people to look up to”, Jennifer Brown.

“We need unions in the tech industry”, Anil Dash.


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