Canada’s best employers of 2019

Canada’s best employers of 2019

Mediacorp Canada Inc. released a list of the top 100 employers in Canada in 2019.

Every year, Mediacorp Canada Inc. releases a list of the Top 100 employers in Canada based on a number of factors from workplace environment and social benefits to community work, reflecting the changing needs and goals of Canadian employers and the workforce alike.

CWB National Leasing Inc. topped the list for 2019, followed by Desjardins Group, Diamond Schmitt Architects, and Digital Extremes, with Emera Inc. rounding out the top five.

According to Mediacorp, the country’s largest publisher of employment periodicals, a record number of employers took part in this year’s selection process and the company went through the recruitment histories of more than 95,000 firms to compile the list.

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