Extending the Army brand

Extending the Army brand

The US Army is looking for new ways to connect to the country’s youth.

The Army fell short of its recruiting goal for 2018.

According to independent American military newspaper, Stars & Stripes, the Army fell about 6,500 recruits short of its goal for fiscal year 2018, which will end Sept. 30. This hadn’t happened since 2005.

Despite the shortfall, Maj. Gen. Joe Calloway, the Army’s military personnel management director, said the fact is not devastating, but he puts blame on the strengthening U.S. economy in which fewer potential recruits are looking for jobs.

Now, the armed forces are looking for new ways to connect to the country’s youth, and it seems an answer could be hidden behind esports and competitive games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Madden.

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