The certainty of globalization

The certainty of globalization

CEO Jack Ma shared his visions on globalization, technology, the future of work, and the forces shaping the world today.

When facing globalization, some CEOs know their business.

Such is the case of Jack Ma, who believes globalization cannot be stopped.

The founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group believes globalization has done a fantastic job in the past 30 years, however, it needs to improve.

On his outtake during the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in early 2018, he said:

“We are very lucky because the world is in a big transformation because of technology. This new technology will create a lot of successful people, interesting careers but honestly every new technology will create social problems.”

“The first technology revolution”, he continued, “caused the First World War and the second technology revolution caused the Second World War – and now we have the third (…) if there is a Third World War I think that should be a war against disease, pollution and poverty, not a war against ourselves.”

“If we don’t align, we’re going to continue fighting each other, because each technology revolution makes the world unbalanced.”

If trade stops, the world stops

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