The leader Mandela was

The leader Mandela was

101 years ago, South African anti-apartheid leader and president Nelson Mandela was born.

Nelson Mandela, who was born on July 18th of 1918, is one of the authentic leaders humanity has ever had to offer.

Madiba, as he was commonly known, stands out for his hard labor, constant worrying of bringing people together and opening the road for his country’s liberation, nevertheless, there are certain attributes authentic leaders posses and President Mandela is one of the very few to ensemble and impersonate a leader in all the right ways because leaders lead people.

Nelson Mandela was self-made. He lived his life as a man who was seduced by the vision he established early on in his life, and although he faced severe and numerous limitations like racism, discrimination and incarceration, Mandela stood out and collected accomplishments all the while he exhibited courage in many ways.

His intuitive mind and romantic view of the future crafted Madiba into a master of the spoken word, as he once said his 27-years in prison helped him understand “how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die”. The knowledge to which he never closed to, the compassion of thinking of the responsibilities freedom creates, and the strong commitment he had towards contributing in the struggle for freedom stand out and presume Nelson Mandela as a the perfect leader who´s ideals become stronger as time goes by.

Compassion and forgiveness do more for leadership than authority or power, so, with that in mind, Nelson Mandela´s form of leadership will not fade anytime soon.

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