Millionaires teaching kids

Millionaires teaching kids

Author Steve Siebold studied 14 lessons self-made millionaires teach their kids.

By Coert Engels| Article originally published February 14, 2018

A book that discloses the collective wisdom of over 1200 millionaires and billionaires.

How do you teach your kids about being self-made?

In case you were wondering, Steve Siebold, author and self-made millionaire, interviewed more than 1,200 millionaires and billionaires over the past 30 years and learned how these ultra-wealthy people teach their kids about financial success.

Through his most recent book, he makes a list of everything he has learned:

1. Success isn’t free

It takes a lot of hard word to become successful.

Becoming financially independent is not a walk in the park, in fact, there won’t be much time for relaxation. If you want to be rich, you must be prepared to sacrifice your time, energy and leisure to build something great.

2. Get rich solving problems

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