Business for voting

Hundreds of companies across the United States have made a pledge to a nonpartisan movement and give employees time off to vote in this year’s presidential election.

A flexible path

Technology and diversification, the keys to providing new energy solutions at CPS Energy: CEO Paula Gold-Williams.

More than a utility company

Despite becoming the second largest utility firm in the US, CEO Tom Fanning believes Southern Company has achieved much more.

A rising star in banking

Aptitude, intellect, decision making skills, and self-confidence to rise high: The remarkable legacy of the new Citigroup president Jane Fraser.

Bringing happiness and work together

McKinsey’s Tera Allas writes that we’ve got to get away from happiness being thought to be a fluffy concept, or slightly frivolous, or a curiosity, to taking it seriously.

Top US cities for clean energy

The Non-Profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has revealed the US cites with the highest score for clean energy usage & efficiency.

Bloomberg’s in

Micheal Bloomberg prepares his first time in a Democratic primary debate.

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