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Coconut water: the natural energy drink

Energy drinks are known to give you the boost you need to remain active, alert, awake, and energetic during the most critical times, but they are not exactly the healthiest [...]

10 best things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas—or Vegas as it is commonly referred to—is an internationally renowned resort city, known for its 24 hours of boisterous lifestyle, entertainment, and nightlife. The City serves as the [...]

A guide to British blue cheeses

Not everyone likes blue-veined cheese, probably because it has a strong flavour. Personally I love it, although my favourite is a creamy Dolcelatte made in Italy. I’ve noticed, however, that [...]

7 women film directors to watch

On the back of the Oscars, here are 7 female film directors who are making waves in Hollywood. Chloe Zhao Chloe Zhao’s debut feature “Songs My Brothers Taught Me” (2015) [...]

Can the Oscars save movie theaters?

If the Oscars needed a wider mission beyond simply promoting the year’s best movies, the closure of the Arclight and Pacific cinema chain has arguably provided them with one: Get the message [...]

A guy born to win

CEO Michael Dell is making headlines once again as he takes his company public in an unusual and controversial way. [...]

Communication: less talk, more action

Those of you who have read my articles know that I am always talking about the importance of good communication, urging better communication, and giving skills for being better understood. [...]

Where to travel in Latin America

Latin America is an incredible place to travel to for so many reasons. First, there is the weather. If you have a case of the wintertime blues as a North [...]

Southern California’s hidden gems

By Julie Gorges Many tourists flock to well-known destinations in Southern California like San Diego, Disneyland, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. These are all great places to visit, but if [...]

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