These are the key findings in IFPI’s latest Music Consumer Insight Report.

We are passionate about our music. At least that’s according to IFPI’s latest Music Consumer Insight Report.

According to information from the index, consumers embrace music at all points of the day, as 17.8 hours are spent listening to music each week globally.

These are some key findings from the report:

  • Pop is the world’s favorite genre with 64% of responses from the surveyed audience. Rock is #2 with 57%. Dance/Electronic/House comes in third place with 32% and S

  • Latin American consumers engage with local genres. For example, 55% of respondents in Mexico listen to Latin Music, while 43% of the surveyed folks in Argentina listen to Latin genre.

  • 27% of total music listening time is on mobile devices. 58% of 16-24 year olds would choose a smartphone when asked “if you only had one device to listen on…”

  • Latin America holds the highest rate of smartphone use for music. 75% of users in Latin America listen to music posted on social media.

  • 15% of consumers globally are likely to buy a smart speaker in the next 12 months. This public is twice as likely to use paid audio streaming.

  • 47% of time spent listening to on-demand music is on YouTube. 35% say a main reason for not using paid audio subscription is that anything they want to listen to is on Youtube.

  • Globally, users use social media to discuss music. 35% of Whatsapp users share links to music using the app. 23% of Instagram users talk about music on the service. 30% of Facebook users share links music using the app.

  • Radio is resilient, 86% as of consumers listen to music on the radio, as 4.4 hours are spent listening to radio each week globally.

  • 38% of global consumers listen to music in copyright infringing ways.

  • 17% of all consumers use search engines to locate infringing content.

  • 96% of consumers in China listen to licensed music, with an estimate 15.4 hours listening to music each week.

  • Local culture influences consumers’ listening habits, with many enjoying domestic genres. For example, Two-thirds of consumers in Japan listen to J-Pop with 29% listening to music from anime. 62% of consumers in Korea like K-Pop (and 22% listen to K-Trot), and in France, 69% listen to Variété Française.

IFPI conducted global research in April-May 2018 which explored the way consumers engage and access music across licensed and unlicensed services.

The field work was carried out by AudienceNet amongst a demographically representative sample of the online population aged 16-64 in the following territories: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

These twenty territories accounted for 91.3% of global recorded music market revenues in 2017.