Walking alongside Dr. King

Walking alongside Dr. King

Americans of all backgrounds are honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King on MLK Day 2019.

It took 15 years to create the federal Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Congressman John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, first introduced legislation for a commemorative holiday four days after King was assassinated in 1968, however, Congress did not pass the holiday legislation until 1983, which was then signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

In 1973, Illinois was the first state to adopt MLK Day as a state holiday.

Now, 51 years since his assassination, the legacy of Dr. King shines brighter than ever, as people all over the country gather to remember the life and work of the civil rights leader, who not only fought for the rights of many, but proved that through understanding, care, equality, and faith, we must care for our fellow human, no matter the background, economic status, or religious belief.

From his birthplace, to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, to South Carolina, Memphis, San Antonio, and the nation’s capital, MLK is remembered and honoured, remembered in every speech and lectured he offered, and honoured in every kind gesture and form of compassion that we can show to our fellow man.

He is present every time we battle indifference.

“What is it you give your life for?”

These are the testimonials of those who walked and fought alongside Dr. King:


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