Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing you with the vital energy and nutrients you will need to make it through whatever challenges come your way. As a result, it’s essential not only to make sure you don’t skip breakfast, but also to eat the best one possible. Here are the 7 crucial ingredients for a healthy breakfast:

1. Fruit. Bananas, grapefruit, oranges, apples, and even watermelons will all help you start the day in the right way. Fruits contain fiber and help with weight loss.

2. Vegetables. Though most people don’t think of veggies as a true breakfast food, they contain lots of fiber and are also incredibly nutritious. Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and beets can also be processed into smoothies that can be consumed before you start your day.

3. Eggs. Over the years, eggs have gotten a bad rap because of potential cholesterol issues. But more recent evidence suggests that eggs are actually very healthy for you. They contain the “good” kind of cholesterol that doesn’t contribute to heart problems or other issues. They also contain protein and are very filling. Plus, there are many ways to prepare eggs depending on your preference.

4. Yogurt. Yogurt is easy to eat because when bought from a store it comes in little cups you can carry around. Greek yogurt, in particular, is quite nourishing, as it contains protein and helps with weight loss. Many Greek yogurts also contain fruit.

5. Oatmeal. There are many different kinds of oatmeal to choose from but all of them contain protein which is not only good for your digestive system, but also helps fill you up. It’s also helpful in lowering your cholesterol.

6. Whole-grain pancakes, waffles, or French Toast. Try to avoid sugary syrup, however, and top your waffles or pancakes with fruit or yogurt instead.

7. Sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches can be part of a nutritious breakfast. But the bread should not be that cheap white bread; it should be a brand that says 100% whole grain. Add ham, cheese, eggs, or whatever filling you prefer to boost your daily dose of protein, dairy, and other nutrients.

Bonus item: Coffee! There has been much discussion these days about whether coffee is healthy or not. Generally speaking, it’s perfectly fine to have one cup for breakfast, but no more. Finally, be careful not to add too much cream or sugar; try fat-free milk with it and very little sugar.