Yummie, the app for food lovers

Yummie, the app for food lovers

Yummie, also known as the Instagram food app, is ideal for food porn lovers.

By Renata Barragán 

Order food, take picture, share, eat, and repeat.

Yummie is your own personal guide to fine eating.

If you´re one of those people who always shares photos of their ramen noodles before delving in, eagerly posting the images to Instagram, then you will surely love Yummie, also known as the Instagram food app.

Ideal for food porn lovers, with this app you can instantly share pictures of your favorite dish and also get in touch with other people with like-minded taste.

It basically works just like Instagram: You take a photo of the food and then upload it to Yummie, the secret is to take a particularly appetizing picture and enhance it by using different kinds of filters. Don’t forget to also share the name of the dish and the place where you’re eating it.

You can also use foodie-related Hashtags to help you gain more followers and likes.

A useful guide to eating great

Yummie was not only designed to share pictures of food. You can also use it to find new places to eat and meet fellow foodies like yourself. The app is currently available for both Android and iOS.

If you are not very good at taking pictures of your food, here are some tips that can help you improve your camera skills and produce genuine foodie art:

  • Clear space |  Try not to have too many additional objects in the picture that distract from the main attraction: the dish. Take care that there are no crumbs or stains on the tablecloth.
  • Composition |  Organize your table so that the items surrounding the dish coexist harmoniously with the delicious- looking subject.
  • Choose the right angle | This is one of the most important aspects of taking the picture. Choose the right position for your camera. For example, the shot could include additional elements, such as drinks and decoration, or take the form of a close-up if it’s a particularly large dish.
  • Realism counts | Enhance your photo, by all means, but try not to use too many filters to avoid the picture looking fake. You can fix the light directly with your phone features, without distorting the natural beauty of your preferred culinary treat.

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