The 7-minute workout

The 7-minute workout

Some exercise is better than no exercise, and this workout is a great way to start.

Having trouble going to the gym to workout? You need the high-intensity 7-minute workout.

the 7-minute workout is great to do on the road or at home.

7-minute workout

Taking on 12 exercises can be enough to create the high intensity interval training your body needs.

Everybody knows exercise is important, however, not all have the discipline to get up and work everyday at the gym.

Here are 5 good reasons to try out the 7-minute workout:
  1. It´s great to do on the road: No exercise by being on the road can be solved by the 7-minute workout routine.
  2. “I don´t feel like going today”: Who has not wanted to get out of bed? Make your home the best way to exercise.
  3. Great for combining: The routine is perfect to combine in other routines and make a complete exercise, so feel free to combine.
  4. Builds stamina: Do not expect to be as fit as a cover model, however, it can improve your stamina and ability to breath, a healthy combination.
  5. Start the day feeling good: Exercise in the morning is great because it helps you feel fresh throughout the day.
Key points to keep in mind

Exercise is great but remember it´s all about discipline.

There is no way to have the complete results if you don´t combine with a good diet.

If it can turn out impossible to maintain a daily regime at the gym, start here, you will feel better and maybe start having the energy to do more.

30 days are the best amount of days to really get a grip on what the workout can do for you.

Chris Jordan and Bret Klika, two exercise scientists, are the creators of the complete routine.

You can visit their full blog here.

Worth a try, huh?

Let us know how it has worked for you?


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