Want to feel better? This is the easy way to go.

Since 1983, Nelson Wang branched out his job to start and founded the China Garden, which gained notorious popularity in Mumbai.

After a run in the kitchen industry, Wang ventured into publishing activities with a good amount of success, and of the most remarkable achievement is his CEO Lifestyle Blog, where he shares methods and activities that have put him close to the objectives and goals he set to himself long ago.

In a particular entry in this friendly space where a CEO´s authentic lifestyle is brought to life, Nelson explains he set the personal goal of being a top executive by 30 years old, and while he achieved that specific mind-set, he forgot to accomplish the other many ambitions his mind had set.

Why? Forgetting daily habits can strand you further away from what you want to achieve, so, Nelson explains and shares some that will help you clear your vision and help your mind organize in order to comply to the objectives at hand.

  1. Drink a green juice

The main idea is forgetting processed foods. Lethargy and drowsy behavior invades the body as well as a feeling of being unenergetic, and that is where productivity is getting hit. Natural foods protect your body and aid you to be in the best shape of your life. Nelson recommends doing it with a daily vegetable smoothie experimenting with different recipes, that way, the more you like and enjoy the drink will help you create a daily schedule where your smoothie is a basic step to start your day.

  1. Skip caffeine

Sometimes, a heavy schedule of work and trips can make you a caffeine addict with no control. Being a short term fix, caffeine helps you be productive for a couple of hours, however, it also gets you jittery and starts hurting your precious sleep hours, another way productivity can be affected. A coffee addiction also hurts your economy, because 3 daily dollars on that black drink could be emptying your pocket more than you imagine.

  1. Make exercise a daily habit

Finding it rough planning your day without coffee? Exercise is the best way to make up for it. Find a time to walk, run, lift weights or jog; a 30-minute-routine reduces stress, organizes your mind and helps you breath, a basic yet vital activity that is usually forgotten in business. Feeling fresh, calmed and with an activity already done before you start your day you will start feeling that your body simply does not need caffeine, battling to stay awake can be easier –and more fun– than you think.

  1. Practice gratitude

Thoughts become reality, there is no doubt, plus, you get what you give. If your mind is full of negativity, negative will reign and soon you will find yourself with a harder time of making decisions. Try and fill your mind with calm and successful thoughts to soon see the changes in your daily routine.

  1. Set 3 goals

Instead of having a list of a ton of accomplishments and goals, put your mind-set on three, this way you will see how your time flows and begins becoming even more efficient. This is a method that will polish the way you prioritize and enhance productivity in every step of your day, whether it be work or personal endeavors.

  1. Smile

A study in Penn State proved that smiling makes us appear more likeable, courteous and competent, plus, it can make somebody’s day. So, smiling helps you and the people around you, and according to Nelson Wang, that´s pretty freaking awesome.