For some, office and drinking don´t go together, for these bars they do.

Some offices around the world have spaces that combine elements of distraction, fun, work and relaxation, that, when taken advantage of by their employees, promote productivity and a sense of belonging. Some of these fun-spots are named as office-bars, and here are some worth visiting:

  • Diageo

The world’s leading premium alcohol company such as Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker whiskey, Captain Morgan rum, Jose Cuervo tequila, Baileys liqueur cream, Canadian Royal Scot and Scottish J & B, and Gordon’s gin have a bar and lounge inside their offices In New York, that, in addition to being used to make presentations of new products, allows its employees to have a drink to relax beyond work hours.

  • Pernod Ricard

The offices of this French liquor company are located on Park Avenue in New York. and it has a small bar that offers drinks like Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodla and Glenlivet Scotch for employees to enjoy after –or during– thier work hours.

  • Trustly

These offices dedicated to financial technology projects, located in Stockholm, Sweden, have been designed to develop a sense of community and friendship in employees to drive success. With this objective in mind, they created a bar that aims to stimulate creativity and serve as an elegant and social meeting space for workers and outsources that visit corporate location.

  • Malwarebytes

This cyber-security company has its offices in Santa Clara, California, which offer a panoramic view of the entire Sillicon Valley. This office bar was created to foster a fun space with distractions and activities that allow social coexistence. For this, they have also located a bar in the basement designed by Blitz Design, that mixed marble elemnts, copper lighting and leather armchairs to create a fun spot at the Malwarebyte office.

  • Edrington

Deep in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan, is located the Edrington company, wich is dedicated to the gastronomic sector, whose concept called “Journey through the golden water” incorporates lounge designs with waved structures that aims to offer a different experience through inspiration and relaxation to its visitors, differentiating itself from all the other Informal coworking spaces. The Edrington bar wanted to give a modern touch to the space although respecting the more than 150 years the company has in backround.