Business not as usual

Business not as usual

Sailthru put together a guide of marketing tactics to help your brand navigate these confusing times.

It’s not business as usual, with the novel coronavirus rooting an unprecedented and unpredictable impact on the retail industry, experts are calling companies to implement some unusually strong comms strategies.

What’s true is that consumer behaviors have changed, the pandemic has turned customer more cautious about their spending. While some are doing so in different ways as well, more and more buyers have inclined to take advantage of curbside pickup options or shop at stores that offer a contactless checkout experience. According to a Coresight Research survey, 45% of consumers plan to avoid shopping centers and malls even after the restrictions are lifted. How can retailers work with that?

In an aim to help businesses navigate through these harsh and confusing times, Sailthru has compiled 14 tactics, inspired by clients, retailers and consumers, to test as retailers navigate uncharted territory while communicating with customers, saving sales, and lifting loyalty. Sailthru’s guide has best-in-class examples, like Nike’s standout abandonment messaging and Best Buy’s ability to adjust to new consumer behavior.

Adversity breeds innovation and in the case of the coronavirus pandemic, retailers are forced to reconfigure their business to make sense now.

Download Sailthru’s guide here.


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