The top 10 startups in the world

The top 10 startups in the world

The two startups with the highest valuation in the world offer transportation.

Uber and Didi are high flying unicorns.

Commonly known as unicorns, these are private companies with a valuation over $1 billion. As of August 2018, there more than 260 unicorns were accounted across the world.

And according to data from CB Insights, Uber and Didi are the startups with highest value inside the market with 58.7 million euros and 48.3 million respectively.

Some of the companies that led this ranking in past editions went public in recent months, such is the case for Xiaomi (who left in June 2018), Spotify (left in April), Dropbox (left in February 2018) and Snapchat (left in February 2017).

Now it’s worth asking, who will be the next to go public. This is the ranking (by Statista):

Value in Euros and billions. © Statista


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