Top employers for women

Top employers for women

Statista and Forbes reveal the companies that have best tackled gender issues in the workplace.

Despite that women account for 56% of college students and over 75,900,000 were part of the U.S. labor force during 2018, representing 46.9% of its total strength, they still only made up for just 23% of the C-suite in the country.

During that same year, the Washington-based Institute for Women’s Policy Research reported that women were earning just 49 cents to the typical man’s dollar, which is much less than the 80 cents normally reported, meaning that the gender pay gap is not only still existing, but we actually have to analyze if its being fought correctly.

Although it’s true that some companies have stood firm against gender inequality, a McKinsey survey taken from 132 companies employing more than 4.6 million people showed that almost every new CEO that was hired in the duration of 2017 and 2018 was a man, turning CEO occupations for female workers into the least evolved position for women in the U.S.

However, despite the harsh reality, there are a handful of companies that have quickly turned into great employers for women, and both Statista and Forbes teamed up to see who they were. The list was compiled by surveying 60,000 U.S. employees including more than 40,000 women working for companies employing at least 1,000 people. The evaluation was based on several different criteria including direct recommendations in terms of general work topics and those considered relevant for women in particular. It also took indirect recommendations (such as evaluations of other employers in that respective industry) into account as well as diversity among top executives and the board.

Multinational cosmetic manufacturer The Estée Lauder Companies had the highest score this year – 88.79 out of 100. The company has gained a reputation as being progressive in tackling gender issues and in April last year, it added two new female directors to its board, making for eight women out of 17 in total.

The Best Employers for Women 2019:


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