What to do at home while quarantined

What to do at home while quarantined

You can accomplish a wide range of tasks, be entertained, and stay productive.


The tweet said: “He is becoming isolated and weird”. Another message on Twitter that helped shaped my thinking of the current situation was: “You’re not stuck at home. You’re safe at home.” With that in mind, here’s the great day I planned this week.


Morning workout

Would you like to try this 30-day ab program? Either way, the entire website is gold.


Work soundtrack

How can I recommend anything but Eric Clapton on the legend’s 75th birthday? “Keep on Growing” is a groove.


Lunch, but make it productive!

Level up: Read this comprehensive guide to digital working. There are useful tips throughout.

Do good: Here’s a list of dozens of organizations helping folks in the restaurant and farming industries hurt by the economic crisis if you want to chip in.

Stay up to date: Citymapper is an excellent resource to keep you informed about public transportation. Play around with their Mobility Index.


Dinner plans

Searches for “How to make bread” on Google have skyrocketed. Maybe you should try to be like everyone else and make sourdough. Or you could try this dish.

Have a beer via Zoom with your friends, chat for a while, and laugh a lot.


Evening activity

No screen: I’ve been playing a lot of Settlers of Catan recently. Bohnanza is also a really fun board game about bean farming, of all things.

Screen: If you haven’t dipped your toes into Bollywood yet, I highly, highly recommend the movie 3 Idiots on Netflix. It’s way better than Tiger King.

And whatever you do, stay positive.


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