An agile business model

An agile business model

Palliser Furniture has maintained best-in-class status through integrating technology under CEO Peter Tielmann.

When Peter Tielmann took over as president and CEO of Canada-based Palliser Furniture in 2015, he inherited the responsibility of leading a 75-year-old company with a tremendous legacy, but he was well aware that legacy alone meant little if the organization could not keep up with changing trends in technology, manufacturing, and logistics to maintain its dominant position in the North American marketplace.

“With all the disruptors out there and so many changes going on, the integration of technology, and the changing dynamics of international markets, speed and agile adaptation is such a critical thing,” Tielmann told CEO Magazine. “Without being quick in adapting, there’s no way to survive, so we need to structure our supply chains and broader operations in such a way that we are able to do it.”

Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. is a family-owned furniture manufacturing company founded in 1944 and headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, which manufactures and distributes upholstery furniture as well as wood and composite products in Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and the US. Palliser manufactures a variety of seating products including stationary sofas, sectionals, reclining sofas, with and without automation; recliners, home theater, luxury cinema seating, and chairs. In the wood category Palliser manufactures bedroom furniture, dining furniture, coffee tables, and home office products. Yet for all its rich history, Palliser is currently looking towards the future, entering new business categories and adapting to change within both the furniture industry and the wider world.

“Palliser is a really interesting company with a great legacy, but that alone doesn’t give you a competitive advantage,” Tielmann said. “That’s what intrigued me about taking on the role. We’re a great brand, but of equal importance is how we’ve positioned our manufacturing and supply chain locations to serve our market. These elements have helped position Palliser Furniture as best-in-class in North America.”

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