Leading the technological change

Leading the technological change

CEO Patrick Lo wants NetGear to become the perfect ally for customers when it comes to technological adaptation.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, surrounded by the threat of cybercrime and the fear of miss- ing out on the digital trends of the future, Netgear is not only an option, but an ally to learn and start using innovative products that connect you to the path your business needs to take.

Through innovative networking products, NetGear aims to become the perfect ally when it comes to technological adaptation.

Focusing on bringing people to a closer understanding of the internet, Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO of Netgear, believes that simplifying and delivering a human process helps get the best out of the company.

“We focus on convenience products and on doing the heart-side of things, we help people to understand the reality of the digital landscape while competitors focus on an outside shell. We send the team on a single mission: focus on providing networking solutions that connect people, homes, businesses, and di- rect us to an easier, smarter life,” Lo said.

Patrick Lo assumed the chairman and CEO position on 2002 after founding the company with Patrick Merrill.

Then, Netgear was born with the singular vision of providing the appliances to enable everyone in the world to connect to high speed internet for communication, information, entertainment and education, and the online medium has created a variety of opportunities that leverage the company’s capability to renew itself.

The Internet opportunity

After achieving a revenue range of US$315 million in the first quarter of 2017, Lo sees no necessity to change after all these years, as their process of giving life to new ideas has them exceeding financial and result expectations every year.

“Internet has created a ton of opportunities, and the interesting thing about technology is that customers do not really know what they need, so, in that sense, we come up with ideas that will allow customers to say ‘wow, this really makes my life better,’ and that is when we see success. Attacking an emerging market or trend has become very useful for us because by listening and taking customers by the hand in this inevitable digital transformation, we seek to improve the quality of life for the people, that is our ultimate goal,” Lo said.

Regarding business strategies that have shaped the way Netgear performs among industries, the company has determined itself to outsource the best way it can, supported on collaborative thinking and a specific aim for excellence through palpable processes that grant the necessary confidence to customers in an ever-changing landscape of digital change.

Looking for the people

Details and confidence have become two basic pillars for the optimal performance of Netgear, as their keen eye on home, business, personal and service technologies have them well positioned in an emerging market that will take advantage of all things connected.

“We share a common relief in the company. When we recruit, we always ask our prospects if they are excited to see the final products they are involved in. We ask them if they are excited in seeing people happier after installing our products. I think that’s what stands out in the final product and the way we achieve”, Lo explained.

Netgear continues to deliver innovative products that bring the internet and new technological trends closer to the wide range of customers still in need to adapt to the digital future.

The company has systems to deliver custom, cost-effective, scalable solutions, mobile and wireline services that are on the rise for business plans of the companies of today. Netgear pays attention to the details that matter to the client, and the results are within reach for whoever wants to see them.

“Our company value is simple, it is made up of achievements, simplicity, people, innovation and results, as well as the understanding of our clients’ needs and seeing that everyone collaborates, minimizing politics and making everything transparent. We try to communicate that we thrive in creating new ideas, that help us distinguish us from competitors.”


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