Making it in the movies

Making it in the movies

Cinépolis COO Miguel Mier stresses vision and innovation as the keys to turning a small, family-run company into a global player.

When Miguel Mier, Chief Operations Officer of the Mexico-based international cinema chain Cinépolis, started working at the Morelia, Mexico-based cinema chain Cinépolis 25 years ago, the market in his native country was considerably different to the one today, with a much wider range of players but little in the way of innovation or growth.

More than two decades on, Cinépolis has not only become the undisputed market leader in Mexico and Latin America, but is also taking on markets such as the US and the Middle East, and Mier believes innovation and a deep-held respect for both the experience of the moviegoer and the cinema industry itself have been the keys to its success.

“The respect we have for the creation of cinema, and in particular, our own national film industry, is unique in the business,” Mier told CEO Magazine as we discussed what looks to be a star-studded future for the chain. “But we also believe deeply in innovation. The demands of the customer and the moviegoer are changing quickly, and we have to stay ahead of that curve.”

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