Airbnb’s pandemic toll

US Airbnb usage will drop 60% this year, marking the first time that the company has ever experienced negative user growth.

The race to buy TikTok

Microsoft’s offer to buy the controversial Chinese video sharing app was rejected, with Oracle now likely to step up.

Thriving in the era of pervasive AI

We are entering a new chapter in the adoption of the current generation of AI technologies. How are companies working to manage risk and stay ahead of the pack? 

A rising star in banking

This is our exclusive interview with Jane Fraser, the first woman to become chief executive of a major Wall Street bank.

A boom for US podcast ad spending

An eMarketer article predicts that more than one in five digital radio ad dollars will go toward podcasts as listenership in the US has been soaring in recent years.

Amazon runs into controversy in India

The online pharmacy business in the country is poorly regulated, yet the multinational giants wants in, as many are seeking medical advice online as opposed to in-person.

A call to remain flexible

With schools closed across the US amid the COVID-19 outbreak, kids with disabilities are more vulnerable than ever.

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