The promise in Canada’s throne speech

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau set out his government’s agenda, promising to expand some business support programs and introduce new ones for industries hit hardest by the pandemic.

The ‘new normal’ of recruitment

Despite the current state of business, critical day-to-day operations must continue as usual for the sake of business continuity, and that includes recruitment.

Global M&A industry trends

According to PwC, M&A trends are showing signs of a rebound, and we can expect a jump in deals by year-end.

Integrating tech and well-being

With much of the business world shifting to a work-from-home model, sustaining employee well-being is increasingly challenging for enterprises. Deloitte explores the issue.

A rising star in banking

This is our exclusive interview with Jane Fraser, the first woman to become chief executive of a major Wall Street bank.

Predicting the COVID-19 behavioral reset

The news media can often inspire behavior shifts, especially in times of crisis, but in today’s prolonged timeline, there are other factors driving consumer behavior transformation.

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