Vaccines aren’t the end of the fight

Governments cannot let the most vulnerable be the least protected again. Countries, regions, and states can still get the rollout right through science, hard work, and vigilance.

Stepping forward

Securing digital access for youth can be a driver of more resilient economies.

When will the pandemic end?

McKinsey’s most recent update takes on the questions raised by recent news: When will vaccines be available? Is the end of COVID-19 pandemic nearer?

A rising star in banking

This is our exclusive interview with Jane Fraser, the first woman to become chief executive of a major Wall Street bank.

A light at the end of the tunnel

A COVID vaccine developed between the US and Germany may be the good news we have been waiting for, yet plans to deliver raises questions about logistics.

Global M&A industry trends

According to PwC, M&A trends are showing signs of a rebound, and we can expect a jump in deals by year-end.

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