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Are millennials ready to lead?

Millennials will begin to turn 40 in 2021 amid the backdrop of the Great Recession and the Covid-19 pandemic. They are already entering management positions. But are they ready to [...]

Employers’ role in Covid-19 vaccination

Employers can consider a set of actions that supports Covid-19-vaccine adoption among employees by building conviction and making vaccination as convenient and “costless” as possible, McKinsey says. With multiple Covid-19 [...]

Workforce ecosystems

Workforce ecosystems—comprising internal and external contributors—will be a prime feature of future workplaces. How can organizations adopt an integrated approach to managing their workforces? Deloitte investigates. Managers today tell us [...]

A guy born to win

CEO Michael Dell is making headlines once again as he takes his company public in an unusual and controversial way. [...]

Why closing Japan’s gender gap will begin at the top

By Makiko Eda The Japanese government's recent equality roadmap will encourage changes for women at boardroom level. This is good news for the gender gap, but there is still some way to go. The Global Gender Gap Report, published by the [...]

Does your office have a jargon problem?

By Zachariah C. Brown, Eric M. Anicich & Adam D. Galinsky Research shows we use buzzwords to impress our colleagues—but they often have the opposite effect. HBR explains. Whether it’s synergistically leveraging strategic competitive advantages or disintermediating retail channels with [...]

7 qualities that people look for in a leader

All organizations need a leader, and employees and team members generally look for the following qualities in that person: A Calling Few things are as compelling to the members of an organization as a clear calling in the life of [...]

3 ways to make performance based learning more effective

By Anubha Goel Performance-Based Learning is a useful approach to strengthen your employees’ corporate training program wherein personalized learning needs are added to the trainee’s curriculum. Here are the top 3 ways through which Performance-Based Learning can be used efficiently: [...]

How to respond to a toxic work environment

In 2018, Oxford Dictionary made toxic its word of the year. Toxic work environment, toxic culture, and toxic relationship were among the top ten ‘toxic’ collocates that year. Business executives, managers, and disengaged employees can all create toxicity. Spotting a [...]

What does a company really look for in an applicant?

Many of the best career opportunities are never advertised. That may sound ridiculous, but let me explain. Suppose you were a Fortune 500 company and you were looking for a Vice President to helm your international shipping operations. Here’s why [...]

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