Cisco announced its intention to acquire French industrial IoT (IIoT) company Sentryo.

Cisco announced its intention to acquire French industrial IoT (IIoT) company Sentryo to bolster Cisco’s IoT platforms’ device management and security features. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of October 2019 for a currently undisclosed sum.

Sentryo provides device security and visibility solutions for industrial control systems in the energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation sectors.

The acquisition will allow Cisco to deploy Sentryo’s IIoT solutions on its intent-based network architecture to better protect assets and manage devices at scale.

The addition of Sentryo’s security solutions will make Cisco’s platform more valuable to clients because they will be able to better view, manage, and secure all the devices on their network — something that currently poses a challenge for many companies.

Sentryo’s tech will provide Cisco clients a better view of their networks, allowing them to detect issues faster. Cisco’s platform will employ Sentryo’s deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities to identify the devices connected to a network and establish communication patterns between the devices and systems. Once devices are identified, customers can use Cisco’s DNA Center and Identity Services Engine to segment devices and actions.

Increased visibility is an important development because a majority of enterprise clients aren’t confident that they know what’s connected to their networks. According to a survey by ZK Research cited by Cisco, 55% of respondents expressed that they have little or no confidence that they know all devices in their network.

Cisco’s device management- and protection-focused acquisition illustrates evolving market demands for heightened security measures.