European Union mulls recommendation to block travelers, including Americans.

European Union (EU) member states are discussing barring visitors from several countries, including the United States, this as the region continues to ease coronavirus restrictions.

This is part of the conversations the EU member states have been working with member nations to agree on which travelers might be considered safe to visit the bloc starting July 1. The guidance will be based on how countries of origin are faring with the coronavirus pandemic.

“The criteria will be focused on circulation of the virus,” said one EU diplomat to CNN, adding that Brussels is looking to keep out travelers from countries “where the virus is circulating most actively.” The diplomat added that some European countries were “reticent about reopening at all,” for fear of second waves of the coronavirus.

Another EU diplomat told CNN that the permanent representatives of the EU member states to the European Union discussed this issue Monday and will be discussing it again tomorrow. The diplomat said they had not seen a list of countries, only of criteria. Included in that criteria is the incidence of coronavirus per 100,000 people over the last 14 days.


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