Morning Brew listed some of the new rules that went into effect January 1st.

Minimum wage: Twenty states and 32 smaller localities raised their minimum wage, 27 of those to $15/hour or more, on Jan. 1. President-elect Joe Biden is in favor of a $15 federal minimum wage; it currently stands at $7.25.

The Stamford branch of streaming services: In case you’ve managed to avoid NBCUniversal’s ad blitz promoting the move, The Office has left Netflix for NBC’s streaming service, Peacock.

Transparency in Coverage: The Trump administration’s new rule that forces hospitals to disclose the prices of their services went into effect.

Distracted driving: A few states are clamping down on the use of cellphones while driving. In Virginia, you can’t use a phone for any reason when behind the wheel.

Expiring copyrights: Classic works from the year 1925, including The Great Gatsby, have now entered the public domain. That means, among other things, you can make any Gatsby adaptation you’d like without asking for permission or paying a fee. How about a TikTok musical to get things started?

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