Pokemon GO has earned $1 billion in 2020 and is having its best year yet.

As reported by Sensor Tower, Pokemon GO has allegedly brought in an estimated $1 billion in player spending in 2020 so far, making it the best year yet for the app that lets you catch virtual Pokemon in the real world.

What’s better is that as the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly had an impact on Pokemon GO, and developer Niantic had made temporary changes to help Pokemon GO work better for those staying at home, which has notably boosted its popularity all over the world.

According to IGN, to date, Pokemon GO has accumulated nearly $4.2 billion in player spending globally, with the USA proving to be the most lucrative with revenue reaching $1.5 billion, or 36.3% of total spending. Japan ranks #2 at $1.3 billion and Germany ranks #3 at $238.6 million. Google Play accounts for the majority of Pokemon GO’s revenue, beating out Apple’s $1.9 billion by generating more than $2.2 billion. As far as downloads go, Pokemon GO has seen nearly 600 million unique installs worldwide, with the US ranking #1 for downloads at 109 million installs. Brazil is in #2 with 65.2 million and Mexico is #3 at 37.3 million. Google Play has seen 78% of those downloads at 466 million, while Apple accounts for nearly 132 million, or 22%.

With two months still to go in 2020, Pokémon GO has already achieved its best calendar year yet after surpassing $1 billion in player spending. The fact that it’s also the No. 3 mobile game by player spending so far this year is evidence of the power of consistent updates, engaging events, keeping an eye on factors that could affect game performance, and acting quickly to stay at the top. In some ways, Pokémon GO shouldn’t have succeeded in 2020, but its resilience should be a lesson to all developers in the space, adds Sensor Tower.


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