A majority of Americans are deeply concerned about the privacy of their personal data.

63% of adults surveyed by Pew Research Center believe that Uncle Sam is constantly collecting data about them and that they are powerless to prevent it.

Data-driven products and services are often marketed with the potential to save users time and money or even lead to better health and well-being. Still, according to the Pew Research investigation, large shares of U.S. adults are not convinced they benefit from this system of widespread data gathering.

Most also feel they have little or no control over how these entities use their personal information, according to a new survey of U.S. adults by Pew Research Center that explores how Americans feel about the state of privacy in the nation.

There is also a collective sentiment that data security is more elusive today than in the past, but even as the public expresses worry about various aspects of their digital privacy, many Americans acknowledge that they are not always diligent about paying attention to the privacy policies and terms of service they regularly encounter.

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