Home speaker systems Sonos is suing Google in federal court.

Sonos, which has revolutionized home speaker systems with affordable Wi-Fi sound systems, is suing Google in two federal court systems, according to reporting from The New York Times.

The company is accusing Google of infringing on five of its patents, including technology that lets wireless speakers connect and synchronize with one another, seeking financial damages and a ban on the sale of Google’s speakers, smartphones and laptops in the United States.

Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, told Business Insider in a statement:

“Google is an important partner with whom we have collaborated successfully for years, including bringing the Google Assistant to the Sonos platform last year. However, Google has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology in creating its audio products (…) “Despite our repeated and extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution. We’re left with no choice but to litigate in the interest of protecting our inventions, our customers, and the spirit of innovation that’s defined Sonos from the beginning.”

Since 2013, Sonos and Google agreed to design its music service to work easily with Sonos’s home speakers. For the project, Sonos handed over the effective blueprints to its speakers, and even though it felt like a harmless move, executives of Sonos are now say they were naïve.

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