YouTube will update harassment and gaming policies, and announce changes to kids content.

Reporting by Tech CrunchSarah Perez

YouTube‘s CEO Susan Wojcicki quarterly letter, released November 21st, the exec addresses a number of changes to YouTube policies, including the recent FTC-mandated rules for kids content that have alternately confused and infuriated video creators, as well as forthcoming policies around harassment and gaming videos, among other things.

On the latter, Wojcicki said the company was now in the process of developing a new harassment policy and was talking to creators about what needed to be addressed. She did not give an ETA for the rollout, but said creators would be posted when the changes were finalized.

YouTube also responded to creator concerns over policies around gaming videos that include violence.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that our policies need to differentiate between real-world violence and gaming violence,” Wojcicki said. “We have a policy update coming soon that will do just that. The new policy will have fewer restrictions for violence in gaming, but maintain our high bar to protect audiences from real-world violence.”

This topic was recently discussed at YouTube’s Gaming Creator Summit, as well.

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