How to get the Great Reset right

This article accompanies the launch of COVID-19: The Great Reset, the new book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret on the COVID crisis and its impacts.

The most innovative companies 2020

BCG describes how innovators need a well-tuned innovation system that can spot emerging product, service, and business model opportunities.

A rising star in banking

Aptitude, intellect, decision making skills, and self-confidence to rise high: The remarkable legacy of the new Citigroup president Jane Fraser.

Remote work is here to stay

Many CEOs are coming to the same long-term conclution about the future of work—in the age of the novel coronavirus, real estate is not worth the expense.

Not a slow moment for large retailers

The top 10 ecommerce retailers will grow their market share to 60.1% in 2020 despite the economic uncertainty amid COVID-19, according to eMarketer analysts.

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