Trudeau’s new look, new direction

The ratification of the Treaty between Mexico, the US, and Canada (T-MEC) will be the first order of business of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

6 ways to give back in 2020

As the new year approaches, lending a hand and helping others makes us happier, and instills a greater sense of purpose in everyday life.

The cars of the future

Last week, a parade of transportation-focused tech took place at CES in Las Vegas that made the Tesla Model 3 look like a horse-drawn wagon. 

The playboy tech king

The always controversial Larry Ellison, CTO and co-founder of the Oracle Corporation, may be facing his biggest challenge yet.

Why living your values takes work

How can leaders apply the concept of bounded ethicality to help them truly live their values and shape their company’s culture for the better?

Tech booms of the next decade

As 2020 kicks off, expert firms show selected technology sector projections for the next decade, where AI, 5G and IoT figure at the very top.

The true effect of unnecessary emails

One less unnecessary email per day could reduce carbon emissions by 16,433 tonnes – equivalent to a staggering 81,152 flights from London Heathrow to Madrid.

A good moment for gas

Canadian gas is fetching its best price in 10 months because of drilling cutbacks and changes to pipeline rules.

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