Canadian Natural Resources targets net zero oilsands emissions.  

Canada’s largest oil and gas producer has set an ambitious target to reduce the amount of pollution from its oilsands operations to effectively zero in terms of carbon emissions.

Technology will be the key.

“It’s good to have a big target,” Steve Laut, Canadian Natural Resources’ (CNRL) executive vice-chairman, told CBC, insisting there was no specific timeframe in which to meet the goal. “It’s going to take some time and it won’t be easy, but there’s a lot of technology out there. It’s impressive.”

Laut acknowledged that oilsands were one of the most carbon-intensive oil operations in the world a decade ago. However, since then, he said the industry has worked hard to reduce its impact on the environment.

Since 2012, CNRL reports it has cut the amount of greenhouse gases per barrel of oil it produces, company-wide, by 29%. Laut said that it has also reduced its methane emissions by 78% during the same period, a feat he called a “game-changing performance.”


A greener oil industry

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