Are open offices working?

Are open offices working?

Studies reveal open offices are weakening productivity in the workplace.

If you are in an open office, many factors can be affecting your productivity.

We have come a long way since the only duty business leaders had was innovate to get ahead of the market, now, responding to customer needs and building resilient and creative brands are also part of the corporate agenda, so now, the place we work at has become yet another changing environment.

Workplaces started to change in the late 90´s when office walls fell and its transformation to a fun and open space became imminent, attracting energized and creative young talent, serving as a first step to generate engagement in workers, but, could it last forever?

Productivity at risk in open offices

Is an Open Office Space Ideal for Employee Productivity? Image credit: Linkedin

Even though open-office spaces grew over 3 million square feet from 2015 to 2016 in the U.S., the Wall-Street Journal says an open-plan office creates endless distractions that draw employees’ eyes far from their own screens, cutting work production in over 300 companies across the union.

In other data, BBC capital stated that during the past two years (2015, 2016), 70% of the US offices opened themselves up to the concept of open offices, nevertheless, 15% of those workplaces became less productive, demonstrating that they were having trouble concentrating and taking their mind off the visual noise, proximity and movement around the edges that surrounded them.

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