New public enemy number one

The World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus asks countries to wake up and consider the coronavirus as public enemy number one.

See people, not patterns

Leading brands are using data to humanize their customer relationship and learning where to draw the line between invasive and inventive.

Not a top risk for CEOs

Climate change ranks eleventh among the issues that concern CEOs, according to a survey carried out by PwC ahead of the Davos summit.

A rising star in banking

Aptitude, intellect, decision making skills, and self-confidence to rise high: The remarkable legacy of the new Citigroup president Jane Fraser.

Disney’s first boom

Disney+ reached nearly 29 million paid subscribers in less than three months… just in January two million climbed aboard.

Remembering Kobe Bryant

This is part of the unparalleled work ethic that made Kobe Bryant one of the greats to ever play the sport of basketball.

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