US billionaires: Tax us, please

Some of America’s wealthiest families are apparently uneasy about the riches they possess in a country where social inequality is increasingly a hot topic.

The age of the machine is here

AI is a highly divisive topic, yet the reality is that we have only scratched the surface of what the technology is capable of.

Diamonds are forever

CEO Eira Thomas oversees the technologic game-changers surging for Lucara Diamond Corp., a $220 million company.

Boston gains more nightlife

A new casino is expected to attract about 8 million visitors per year and employ approximately 5,500 staff members throughout the resort.

Achieving the ultimate first impression

In a world where snap judgments are made in milliseconds, a first impression can mean everything, and knowing what you project can help you take the next step.

The other benefits

AI and machine learning will also propel strategy and management practices – not just operations – at winning companies.

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