Job hubs of the US

The Wall Street Journal released its ranking of the hottest US job markets.

Who’s prepared for an epidemic? Not China

Which countries are the most and least prepared to contain large outbreaks of disease? The Global Health Security Index studied each country and revealed the best and worst prepared.

A rising star in banking

Aptitude, intellect, decision making skills, and self-confidence to rise high: The remarkable legacy of the new Citigroup president Jane Fraser.

Migration: A work for all

The UN International Migrants Day is annually held on December 18 to recognize the efforts, contributions, and rights of migrants worldwide.

Brave new world

Hundreds of thousands gathered to mark “30 Jahre Mauerfall” in Berlin, and as they look to the future, Germany’s leaders face three big challenges.

Beauty for all

UNESCO recently added 29 new sites to its World Heritage List.

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